TRUE MVMNT is a boutique production company based in Silicon Valley, California specializing in advertising and corporate documentary video for leading technology, automotive and outdoor lifestyle brands.

TRUE MVMNT is led by producer/director duo Shara and Wesley Walker. Both graduates of Stanford University, Shara studied the history and design of social movements and revolutions while Wesley studied social psychology and neuroscience. TRUE MVMNT draws on these backgrounds as basis for crafting powerful emotion through cinematic energy.

TRUE MVMNT offers only top-tier motion picture tools including Arri Alexa Mini, RED Helium 8k and RED Dragon 6k camera systems allowing the capture of the smoothest cinematic images and sound for clients in up to 8k resolution from land, sea or air. 

The tools matter, but TRUE MVMNT's speciality is the ability to skillfully translate the heart of a client's vision into video - rendering brand pillars into visual form and impactful stories. Operating globally, TRUE MVMNT has successfully executed productions in over 35 countries for clients including Nike, Tesla, Google and many others.

TRUE MVMNT is a way of life, always: hard work, heart and soul first.

Clients 2018
Breaking Time Cover.jpg
“How many understand that Nature is the
essential character of what is.
It’s something you’ll find
by looking not at,
but in, always in.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright